My Dearest Followers,

Alas, it is time again.

As a blogger, I know that you know that it’s only natural to be transferring again and again until you find your real safe haven.

But still. I am ashamed. Ashamed to tell you of another transfer I’m about to make.

I’ve lived for almost my whole life as a two-faced woman. A woman who shows too much of her good side and less of the real evil inside her.

However as I later on realized, I do not want to be like this. Living a simple life wherein you live as who you truly are is the most valid way to gain happiness.

And since I am a person, I too am a natural advocate of happiness.

This is why I’d like to remain true to myself. And live one true identity.

This is why I have to tell you once again that I’m transferring my blog to Her Other Lovely Sides.

Ah yes. Confused on why my new blog’s name is “Her Other Lovely Sides” when I’m advocating the thing to live with one true identity?

It is because I would like people to learn to appreciate their various sides through my exploration with mine as well.

For we are made unique, my dear friends.

That we must accept that we have different varying sides of ourselves that we must learn to appreciate.

For doesn’t a box contains different various sides as well? But we do not say that it is a different box when we choose to look at the other side of the box than the one we were previously looking at. It is still the same box.

So there you go, my dear followers.

Follow if you want. Decline if you must.
I still love you all whatever you chose to do.

But remember that you would see a varying side of me there. But of course I would still more often than not hope to inspire you in every side I display.

For isn’t it the main reason that I started to blog?

To inspire you through it all.

For you are special. And you don’t need to feel insecure.

For you are wonderful in your own uniqueness.

But this time, I shall help inspire you to be less insecure by looking at the positive light.

That despite your varying personalities, you are human. You are amazing.

Written with love by your most biggest fan,


My Personal & Lifestyle Blog Is Here!

Due to the fact that I have endless wonders, I have decided to make my own personal blog at Her Other Lovely Sides.

This is to remain intact again the purpose of this blog in inspiring you lots instead of jamming it with my other loving interests.

If you want to follow my life journey, follow me here.

Thanks for staying put y’all.

Oh, and if you’d at least would like to read some article about Crazy Adventures To Expect On Your First Baby Steps In The Blogging World , go ahead click it.

Love love,

Losing Your Creative Juices Somewhere? Stop Stressin’ It Out And Do These Instead


We’ve all been there. We’ve had our moments wherein we’re like “eek! Now what?”

Whether its writing a post, creating an artwork, concepting an idea for your next project, we get stuck sometimes. Which frankly leads to stress.

But hey, who said you should stress it out when there’s some way to make those creative juices come spilling out without forcing it?

I’ll tell you something.

I actually started this post without anything in mind to write. It’s already time to start my weekly feature on Enlightening Tuesdays and Thursdays and I had no idea what to write.

I was chickening out!

But hey, I got the idea at some point right? ‘Cause if not, you wouldn’t be reading this article now.

So, here’s some tips to get that freakin’ beans out and shootin’ like yea.

1. Write it out.

Just shoot whatever you’re thinking into that paper. No idea what to write? Write about that. Hatin’ that your prof told you to do that? Write it down.
Sooner or later, you’ll get to the point wherein you’ll have that aha! moment where you’ll know what to do.

2. Do it.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to do your thing, why not start it right away?


‘Cause the longer you delay it, you’ll eventually forget your ideas. And what would be the sense of those papers wherein you ranted out so much stuff just to get those precious juices out of your head? Wasted, I’m tellin’ you.

That’s it?

Yep that. is. it. Simple, isn’t it?

I told you we don’t have to stress such things.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that paper and get started, dear!


Another update.

I would also be moving the Monthly Challenges of Insecurities Away to its own site.


Because I’d like to maintain this site’s focus in creating a community of passionate women who would like to get over their insecurities and finally pave the way to who they’ve always been meant to be.

This would then organize the clutter.

So for those who’d like to keep up with the monthly challenges, kindly follow through Insecurities Away’s Challenges.

All my blog challenges & blogging university writings would be transferred there.

Thank you so much!

Keep rockin’ y’all. ❤


Hi guys!

I am sooo back.

Sorry, I kinda disappeared for a while there. I was on vacation in another part of the Philippines for a while which I’ll share to you later on.

So anyway, I was able to get refreshed and thought about changing a few things ’round this blog.

Here’s a list of these awesome changes:
  1. My About Page

  2. Changed Features into:
    Inspiring every other Mondays – Inspiring Stories
    Enlightening Tuesdays & Thursdays – Awesome Life Tips
    Refreshing every other Fridays – Short Stories that transports you to another person’s shoes.

  3. Insecurities Away Tribe
    I’m planning to build a forum group that would help each one in the tribe to:
    -express their insecurities
    -explain plans to overcome them
    -help each other to push one another to their highest potential
    Contact me here if you wanna join.
    We’ll have it alive and kickin’ after reaching a certain number.

  4. Spiritual Group
    Calling out every person with a varying spiritual thirst to join me in my quest for deeper spiritual sense.
    Wait up for more updates on this one. But do contact me already if you’re interested.

  5. Introducing an Open Lifestyle Blog
    A Lifestyle Blog usually refers to those blogs that posts about anything the blogger wants to blog about.
    However as an Open Blog Lifestyle Blog, Insecurities Away focuses on both the needs of its tribe and the owner. This only means that I might post stuffs that’s both influential and necessary for me as its owner and for you.
    Don’t worry though, I won’t post anything unnecessary about myself if it ain’t that influencial for you too, dear. * wink *

There you go!

Wait up for my delayed posts, ayt? I’d be catching ’em up to you in a while.


When Losing Your Sense Of Legacy, Try This Instead

Awhile ago as I was riding the bus for a 2 hours travel for a skills test I had to attend, I saw an impact that I never thought would change my life.

We crashed.

3 days ago, I wouldn’t have imagined myself come across a near death experience once again. I’ve experienced quite a number of these. Let’s see, about 4 with this one added already.

I don’t know why, but I guess death really likes me a lot.

Which made me think: What if I was taken today? What would I have left?

And I searched and searched.


That cleared my mind. Of course, we weren’t meant to pass by the world with contributing nothing.

We were meant to run across the world right now, right at this place, for a reason.

So I searched again, and found myself: my talents, my weaknesses, all wrapped up in one.

And I asked myself: What is then that thing that I could do for the world, given everything I am?

I then saw my purpose once again, and I came back on track. To give the world what I ought to give.

So if you’ve lost sense of what legacy you are meant to leave in this world, simply:

List down your strengths and weaknesses, your talents and flaws.

Acknowledge and appreciate them all as they are.

Think: This is me. And I love everything I am.

Digest, Connect and Figure out what can be done given who you are.

Smile: You’re about to change our world in your own awesome way.

So what’s your purpose? You know mine. Let me know yours too, dear!


5 Things To Do To Let Perfectionism Go And Let Yourself In Instead


Yesterday, I posted a blogpost on knowing when to lower your pride. Reading it now, it seems stiffling for me. You may not know it, but I hate writing in a very structural manner.

So what made me do it?


The culprit behind all my wavering response in trying to create an official brand for my future career as a life coach. I wanted to start now, yet I didn’t know how.

So I drowned myself in doing everything to learn how to start this right. I subscribed in dozens of other life or business coaches’ sites, making my inbox bountiful with advices and free ebooks. And I have to admit that they were all pretty good that I was able to put into practice a lot of what I said. But I knew I was getting no where.


Because although I was reading all their tips, I keep on forgetting the most basic part.

To simply be myself.

I realized then that perfectionism has made me lost myself out of the jolly business of doing what is supposed to be right as said by our culture which was way too wrong. And therefore releasing the attraction I need for the blog. Confusion does that, sweetie.

But never be downed by that fact. You simply have to devour yourself in finding who you are. And voila, no more confusion.

How’s that?

‘Cause you and you alone knows what things you are so passionate about or not.

But if you still don’t know how to reveal who you truly are out of fear of perfectionism, then do these instead:

Stop all thoughts.
What are you worrying about right now? Your grades? Your child? Your job?
Flunk them all away for a while. Free your mind. Think only of the most beautiful place you know that makes you so relaxed. Stay there.

Visualize who you would like to be.
As you imagine yourself in that beautiful place you are in, imagine that you are alone. Alone with only that thing that you have to do in front of you. No other people around. No one to judge, not now nor ever. What would you do? What do you feel while doing it?

See yourself living it in with the people you love, then the people ypu know
Often than not, the first people who’d accept us are our family. Start from there. Then outward to the people you just know or even barely. What are they saying? Are they glad you’ve found yourself? Then good, you’ve found your cheer squad to remind you of your enlightening discovery when you reach those times of confusion once again. If not, it’s okay. You’re squad will come, it just wasn’t the right time to meet them. And if you think that these people are better than them, trust me when I say that you’re squad would be even better.

Recognize your obstacles
In an obstacle course, a group who have been tasked to go with the game blindfolded is most likely to lose than the other who’s not. This is same with nearly every challenge we are up against. Knowing what is about to come, you’ll be able to strategize your best moves, therefore not falling blindly nor easily to whatever life throws at you.

Live it.
Now that you know what your people would say and what obstacles you have to overcome, you have a better view of what is to come. The only thing left is to bring this realization out into reality. So pack yourself up for the adventure in potraying yourself. Just keep in mind of the happiness and fulfilling feeling you’ve felt awhile ago, and you’ll do great.

Did you discover who you truly are and what would you like to do? Feel free to share your wonderful insights below, dear.


P.s. In accordance to letting myself in, I would be withholding the re-launching of this site but instead let things flow as they are.
However, don’t be disappointed if you were anticipating the topics, ebook and the free coaching. I assure you guys it will come. But now, at a rather indefinite time. I hope I didn’t disappoint you that much!

5 Ways To Know When To Be Humble Enough to Lower Your Pride

(c) image

Too many times these days, people no longer know how to use their pride. For some, too high that they wouldn’t let anyone try to steal away their light. For some, too low that they wouldn’t even step near the light.

But other times, it is also a matter of when to say sorry or not. While others, on when to let go their firm belief about anything they’ve said that now proves to be wrong.

How do we really know when to use the magic of humbleness in our lives?

1. You were mistaken.
We all know how hard it is to admit how mistaken we are. It’s natural. We were all systemed to be that way. Nonetheless, being humble enough to admit how wrong you were would free you not only from the guilt but as well as from the person/s it affects. How? Because tying yourself to a mistake ties you to the person/s you affected which would automatically prevent you to doing greater and further into your lives.

2. The path you would take is greater than the other.

If given a path wherein you have to take a long heavy wheelbarrow with you amongst the soft grass of a mountain, would you carry your sacks of rice with you in your shoulders or would you place it on the wheelbarrow instead? Of ‘course you’d pick placing it on the wheelbarrow! Who wouldn’t? Well, think for yourself. Have there been times you’d rather carry your sacks of rice with you on your shoulders just ’cause placing it on the barrow means you’d have to lower yourself down for a minute?

3. It was your fault.

You acted wrong. It’s okay. Don’t panic. We all do screw up so much in a lifetime so chill out. Being humble isn’t all about admitting mistakes. It also covers being humble enough to forgive ourselves as well. Know for a fact that forgiving yourself fully is the first step to being better. Then and only then should you ask the other/s’ forgiveness as well. If they accept, then good. If they don’t, well at least you know you did the right thing and you did man, you did.

4. It would help the other person/s.

Helping others: A merry-go-round benefit that we all should know. Giving another a little of your time, saying sorry, not talking back. These are all wonderful manifestations that of lowering your pride for another. You may not notice it when your other round comes by to give you back what you deserve, but it will. Maybe not today as not even a wonderful feeling for having given the starving kid your only food for the night since you’ve cashed out your bank already (okay, maybe not that much), but somehow it will come back to you as somethig that could be even more greater than you imagine.

5. It would embark you into a new wonderful beginning.

In the end, it all comes to this. You know it’s time to be humble when saying or finally doing it is a way for you to feel much more space to adapt a whole new wonderful evolution in our life. Sure, you may choose not to be humble enough and forget all those. But be affirmed that it would forever haunt you in some way. Maybe not as a big thing, but a small thing, it would surely be.

Lowering your pride doesn’t mean you lose all dignity you have. It even gains you more confidence for not letting any grave matter get into you. You skip away, placing everything back what it’s due or even more. And in the end? You get to travel and enjoy life without the rocks on your pockets!

What’s keeping you from being humble right now? How do you plan to overcome it? Comment below so you’d be helped to be able to better stand by it.


What Perfection Should Mean

As you can see in previous post, I re-defined A Perfect Woman as Confident, Elegant and Wise.

Today, I’d like to re-define the meaning of Perfection as used in the article.

Nowadays, perfection is defined by being entirely flawless. A person who would never make a mistake. A person who has the figure, has the brain, has the stand.

Truth be told, this definition could never be erased. Unless. A person would suddenly change the meaning and spread it around until it becomes a norm.

Have I tried it? No, I haven’t. I have actually once read it in a book and thought it to be quite ridiculous. But as I sit here surrounded by the walls of our home, it gave me quite an idea.

Who said that being perfect is being flawless anyway? No one. Just that big ol’ dictionary that has been reproduced through the ages.

Seeing that this is the case, I think re-defining perfection as something unflawless is better. No one is perfect and would ever be anyway. This is a fact that could never be changed.

Well, okay. We need the word “Perfect” to define Perfection. But upon applying this to any person, this is what has to be changed.

As I have defined earlier, A Perfect Woman with such qualities in the end attains Happiness and Fulfillment.


  1. In her way of thinking: She is able to acknowledge her flaws and strive to be better. She knows that she’s not doing this for anyone but herself.
  2. In her way of acting: Knowing that she has flaws, she is able to work out what moves would make her better.
  3. In her way of using and acquiring knowledge: She knows that she has flaws, strives to be better but knows what her limits are. Thus knowing this, she is humble enough to accept that that’s the way she is.

Being humble enough to acknowledge this fact, she’d be able to focus on other things: her strengths, her passions. Therefore focusing on things that would empower her, focusing on things that would make her glow from inside out.

And what credibility do I have to say all these?

Well, I have been there. Done that. And..

I’m happy and fulfilled. 🙂

Maybe I’m not the person all the others have dreamed me to be. But I am now the person I could ever dream to be. And it’s all that matters.

My scars would always be the image of how I attained my own Perfection.

Have you found your own Perfection too? How? Let’s empower each other together.